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My globe is cool not warm

It’s near the end of July in Memphis and I am on the porch in a  sweater…usually you would be trying to fend off a heat stroke down here in Memphis .. send me 10 dollars please …that way I can afford to live since I’m not getting the child tax credit bundle of cash…I need plastic surgery too , obviously , but I will just use the money for food..

Ben and JerryS has announced today  that  they will not sell any ice cream to Jews in Palestine… dear Ben and Jerry ,nobody gives a god damn about you… your ice cream is full of shit anyway…such cute names .. you bearded assholes

I will be 72 in a month or much longer do you think I can keep up this charade of a life..?.

I’m already working on a line of talk  to give St Peter at the golden gate..


”I meant to do better, I swear”

“i was a poor child and I became mean as a self defense mechanism  , understand ? fat old  bastard “

“ is there any hot  babes here or is everyone half gay like you are.? , you old freak”

”go tell Jesus that Lamar  is here to see him  , he sure ain’t busy helping the poor damn world ..”

”is L Ron Hubbard here ?, if so , please send me to hell now .”

” What time is chow ?”

” I’m not wearing a gown , ok,?, let’s get that straight now “

”do they show reruns of Welcome Back Kotter here…?…If so , pluck out my eyes now …better take my ears too…

“i’m good at doing imitations ., any kind  of cabaret work here,?,, I can do Joe Pesci ….I can also do Jimmy Fallon but I get him  confused with Jim Bakker ,…Is Tammy Faye here ?…”

”look Chester , just guide me to where Anna Nicole Smith is and then forget  you ever saw me..”

”I owe my soul to the company store”