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everything i post for sale, right now….well..the description and price  text comes out in black and you

cant read it unless you are superman.

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oh the weather outside is frightful…

but the fire is so delightful

so i thought i would fill you in..

i caught  my pants leg on fire  again.




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website is bonkers

if you get an email from my site saying that you bought a painting from me……a while back….

its ok….you did buy one… don’t owe me anything..

.you did buy a painting from me a while back but somehow the email was stuck in some limbo somewhere,  then it shot loose….

i’  m very sorry…don’t be nervous…its ok to buy stuff…..i apologize, it doesn’t look good on my part…




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Things looking up or sideways at least

i am supposed to update this post pretty regular, however i really do not have much to say. i am sort of feeling ok now but not bragging.

a short poem for you.


when we first met, i was afraid of you

you seemed a bit on the wild side

you bit my leg but that  was not nearly to be the worst of it.

you made me take you to Pizza Hut.