Big Star on wood


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This is about 17 x 18” on thick plywood….hanger on back…not terrifically smooth wood but it looks cool enough ,  I got it from the destruction of the old Julius Lewis Men’s  Store on Union Ave…in midtown Memphis …it was a hot happening place in the 60s for upscale mod clothes and Ivy League stuff  , it was not a cheap place  to shop at .but i’m sure some of the Big Stars got Clothes in there … there weren’t really  other stores like it…in Memphis except for Lansky  Brothers who sold mostly soul black guy style clothes ..or Elvis style clothes…down on Beale St..

people are under the impression that I quit painting but I didn’t quit forever …. But for a long while I didn’t paint …it’s a long  story but when you get old , all kinds of creepy shit can happen to you …but I’m painting a lot now…


contact me if you think you would like me to recreate this painting especially for you.