Memphis blues bicycle sorrento model


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An old huffy…. Good tires…. Good brakes…. Solid …. I can’t ride it without losing control… I just turned 73… they say that it’s like you never stopped knowing how to ride … but that’s wrong ..!…65 years had passed… i now have the balance skills of a 6 month old baby…I’ll kill myself if I keep riding it…it has no gears….

it’s got Albert king , furry Lewis.. Big Star… etc ….on it…

no shipping … you can come get it or I can put it in my car and bring it , if you live kinda near …

I have some of my art featured in the September 2022 issue of Southern Living Magazine plus I have some appearing in a new Farm Bureau Insurance Tv commercial… so all you ass clowns that want my Paintings for 150 dollars so you can put them on eBay for 500 well , well from now on I am shooting you down on the front end and Joe Biden has shut you down…on the back end …I’m retiring soon and am going to be a dealer at The Horseshoe  Casino.. prices  are still very fair compared to a new  car ..if mine don’t sell , ask me if I care …I have found a good place to catch fish..

buy you some of that  computer generated art which is so damn collectible… or buy an  NFT which stands for No Fucking Talent.. excuse me ..excuse my curse word..or call the Memphis Flyer and ask them who is hip to collect ..

if you want some of that new Meta stuff to look at, go over on Summer Ave to Autozone at about 10 pm any Saturday. Night…you’ll party like never before..



contact me if you think you would like me to recreate this painting especially for you.