Warhol..Monday Monday sale…sept 6..2021


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  It’s Labor Day….!….go into it..!

isn’t it great..?

I have  labored in vain.

Of course, I can’t get the photo to upload, maybe it will upload by tomorrow..
technology is so wonderful, I love it..I have spent 6 hours tonite trying to get it to upload..Is it from the hurricane.?

ok…update…news flash……tonight at 11:55 pm I got the photo to finally upload after 7 hours of trying.. boy do I feel good….!..do I feel useful…!

remember the movie BladeRunner….that was shown as being set in 2018 Los Angeles… boy were they wrong…today Los Angeles is more like the year 1918 was…..backwards yet so full of promise yet unable to execute it.  Engirded  by human filth and Mexicans. 

Andy Warhol was shot with a pistol  in 1966 by a crazy feminist bitch named Valerie Solanas, she was maybe the biggest waste of space ever to live in America. Warhol survived the shooting but the wound caused his death 19 years later. 

14 x 18 in a black frame under plastic plexiglass..it’s fabulous..and more vibrant than the photo but I’m lucky to have any photo at all.
blow up the image and Imagine Andy looking at you from the beyond and just being awed at how senseless everything had become…

Would he be on Facebook.?…ha…I’m not even on there…!….I think he would be living in Portugal in  a Gaudi apartment building and he would have no phone or internet but he would have a houseboy name Ferdinand that would fetch him supplies and help him with his wigs.
Well, he was born in 1928 so he would most likely be dead of old age by now…

I’m sorry for the curse words..








contact me if you think you would like me to recreate this painting especially for you.