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Facebook is Munchausen

I quit Facebook a couple of years ago..Many of you think I’m dead..or an idiot.

being on Facebook lowers your IQ to near Kamala Harris depths…look in mirror, for an example..

everybody on Facebook has Munchausen  syndrome…including you.

i quit it long ago  ago…but you can’t…because you are weak and stupid..all of you are..I hope that didn’t offend thee…it’s just me trying to light a spark in the dry moss of your mind ..

I live like it’s 1970 except they have Amazon..!

get a life, be a man, even if you are a woman.

no one calls me to see how I am or emails me..nothing…not even once…because on Facebook you are the center of the universe and you care not for anyone else..

but I digress.

the song The World is a Ghetto…. War was correct ..!

my favorite album right now is the  Young  Rascals first album…. I have it on 8 track tape… sounds great !

These are probably last of the roses for this year…or soon…the red ones are ‘knock-out ‘ they keep on putting out like a whore on truck driver speed and the white one are called ‘popcorn’ or something like that..