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August 2022 update

Self portrait…

Well , summer is moving on down the line like a slow freight train to Virginia.
I no have painted since mid June … nothing … I have painted nothing … it feels good…real good… I am playing guitar a whole lot..
I have painted almost everyday for 30 years…
I need off the train for a while..
Big news is I may be getting my own studio instead of having to paint in the yard ..
That will increase production for sure..
I know I dropped the ball on a lot of people’s orders… I’m sorry.. I’m 73 soon …. Wait till you’re that old.. you’ll wonder how I can even paint at all…if I had a one wish ,  I would fish a lot… there’s no fishin holes within Minuteman missles range from here … arkabutla lake is
Close but it is so polluted that you
Might as well eat roadkill..
The Mississippi River is a
Cesspool ..
The whole world is In a tangle..
Carry on !