6 blues guys paintings..all for one price..!


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here we go….Summer Sale…nothing i hate worse than standing in line at fed ex to ship a lot of little paintings….i really appreciate the fact that they sold, dont get me wrong….by the time i pay paypal and fed ex, i make like 9 dollars on small paintings…although i really like them but , in art, people equate small with inexpensive…..try that at the jewelry store..!..
so here we have 6 of my favorite mississippi blues guys although Slim Harpo is from Louisiana, that place is just Mississippi with alligators…4 are on old thick wood pieces from old Memphis houses, they could have possibly been touched by old blues guys…..Fred Mcdowell and Slim Harpo are on 2 older square canvases, 11 3/4 inches square each, so you can estimate the size of the other ones from that, can’t you.?..

what do you think of this idea..?….if you want me to break up the set, i can…because you the customer are king.

contact me if you think you would like me to recreate this painting especially for you.