blood on the tracks


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imagine its 1974 or whatever…Columbia records has a new Dylan album to put out. Bob wants to get it out fast, he is in a bob-rush.

the record cover department has nothing for a cover.

they were getting their butts chewed out.

then suddenly one guy had an idea..

how about that sad loser guy down in Memphis who can paint really fast…?

they called….. i told them that all i had to paint on was a thick chunk of real old wood that was uneven,  etc… had a hole in it.

they said ‘paint it and send it’ Bob is in a Bob-rush. i did,,

so what you see here is that cover….which with a few  corporate  touch-ups, it was the cover and remains so.


i  made most of that up…


this is 11 ” x 9″ and it really is a thick old piece of a plank…its uneven too…but it’s pretty good, don’t you think…?

i’m thinking that a lot of you are thinking, ‘ boy this thing is so small that its practically worthless. ‘……!    but i do so want it…!!

try that logic next time you  go in a jewelry store.


do you really want to hurt me…?










contact me if you think you would like me to recreate this painting especially for you.