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16 x 16 in a glass top wooden frame…

story… I painted this on a 16 x 16 canvas.. I then discovered  that no one in the world makes a

16 x 16 frame for a stretched canvas, unless you go to a frame shop, where they will take your wallet,

your car keys and your soul in exchange for them making a 2 dollars worth of wood frame , for  you.

so I found this …it’s 16 x 16 but was made for mounting 9 or 10 out of focus  photos of your grandkids


kids and pets and stuff , with  matte with the  little cut outs for the photos..that you (not you

personally, but you in the larger sense, would hang in the

kitchen next to your ‘Live Laugh Love’  sign that you ( again, not you personally but you as a whole)

actually paid money for at Hobby Lobby.

So I pulled the canvas off of the stretcher using a flat blade screwdriver and some pliers , there were

more staples holding it down than there are stars in the sky.  I had to stop twice for coffee. Anyway, I

got it loose without lancing my finger open and I then cut the canvas overhang off so that the piece of

canvas is  16 x 16 flat and I mounted it flat in the frame. Then I rested and dreamed of a Popeyes Chicken


If this is too much info, I apologize.


contact me if you think you would like me to recreate this painting especially for you.