bob dylan doesn’t like Mobile


Out of stock

12″ wide x 36 ” tall,..on a wood board…

buy it…..its gonna light up your life….

imagine it as a conversation starter..

‘say Janet, who did  this dumb ass painting..”…?

and you can say , ‘he was my first husband and he died in a 9/11 thing’….

and that will make them  feel really bad about themselves  and maybe, probably,  they will leave ,weeping,  and you can get back to knocking back some pre-mixed vodka martinis and vaping.

why do i have a thing  here about the Kinks when i am trying to sell

a Dylan painting,..?,….why would you ask,,,?


the Kinks summed up things for me….a long time ago..



Where have all the good times gone…?

they had more ‘best’ songs than any group ever….

i did  a great painting of the Kinks on their first album cover in those velvet riding outfits. it was large…this was long ago…

it took me 3 years to sell it…and i’m sure it was priced pretty low…

whats the point of all this…?…i guess it is in the ‘trying’

you have to keep ‘trying’…good lord…



contact me if you think you would like me to recreate this painting especially for you.