david bowie


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8 x 10 on a canvas panel in a colossal frame that is 15 x 18.
its an epic size small frame.it is very deep…2 1/2 inches thick on the sides.
show your good taste. exhibit this proudly.
at a big city frame shop, this frame could cost as much as 650 dollars.
when i went to Debbie Harry’s apartment in nyc she had some frames like this one. one still had the price tag on it..wow.!$!..she was like the punk Minnie Pearl. we laughed about that often.
she had an accountant named Abe who could write off all that kind of stuff. he had one foot missing. every morning his wife stapled the bottom of his left pants leg shut.

contact me if you think you would like me to recreate this painting especially for you.