John Prine 16 x 20 world goes round


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Well, seeing  as how this virus shit is never going to end, I’m gonna try shipping again and going out in this corrupt nasty germ- filled Chinese hell of a confused hell hole of a world…I’m including enough in the prices to buy myself a burial urn, I contracted with a neighbor kid to cremate my body in his mother’s kiln that is in their garage.. just in  case…he will have to cut me into pieces to fit in the kiln but I probably won’t care.

on a canvas…16 x 20

unlike every other person on the internet , I am not going to try to insert myself somehow , most likely a made up story, into some very brief corner of john prine’s  life,  to try and boost my internet image..

i did not  know him or he me.

but he is great.




contact me if you think you would like me to recreate this painting especially for you.