God goes to Chik-fil-A


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this is on thin wood..probably about 17 x 19 “with a wire hanger on top…its a cheesy piece of wood at that…earlier i reported much smaller measure due to severe neuritis or neuralgia..

my yard sale beat me in to the ground tired, on top of having to get up at 630 am every dang day last week to let the painter in , to paint the trim in 2 rooms and i could not go back to sleep… it took 3 days. plus it has turned hot.  it’s very hot i wont be going out again in the day until the fall..

this house is 100 years old.  it has more trim than you can believe. you would think i would paint the walls and trim and stuff  myself, where i live,  but i did that once. i  did  a Mediterranean  style swath mix of festive italian breezy colors ,  in a couple of rooms and i got strongly disliked  for that,  for a long time…excuse me for liking color.

this painting is about when God worked all week on making the universe and when he got really hungry at the end  and  he decided on the 7th day to go to chik-fil-a and get a chicken sandwich and a shake, imaging his huge disappointment.

contact me if you think you would like me to recreate this painting especially for you.