nelson algren


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this guy wrote my favorite book….walk on the wild side…from about 1956…..its mostly about 1930s New Orleans….and what a mess a person could get in, way before there was cocaine and heroin everywhere.

i’ve given the book to some people and they can’t get through it…

it is dense..the language is often archaic….but spectacular….it harkens to a time that will never again be, although even today ,when you walk through the Quarter, you can still smell the hot  misery and shit-stink angst of a lot of these characters..a time and place  when half the people in a given place could not even  tell you who the President was.

just in that last paragraph, i used more commas than Faulkner did in a whole chapter.

Algren wrote a whole lot of other books also…check them out.

this painting is about 11 x 23 inches on an old piece of wood..





contact me if you think you would like me to recreate this painting especially for you.