about 32 x 42 “..this is on some old thin but straight wood that i rescued from a kitchen remodel up the street……Willie Nelson once told me that my art reminded him of his old guitar , Trigger….i felt honored..i just made that up..that’s not true…at all…i’ve never met much of anybody..i met Iris Dement once and had lunch , she didnt like me and who could blame her…i love her singing…..i dont even want to meet anybody famous….they dont even buy drinks…and they get all huffy too easy…look at Johnny Cash’s lips…!..hes all ready to lay one on you..if you can’t tell who the guys are just by looking then i have failed in my mission and i guess you could maybe learn to use google and stop asking people to explain things……..new 02/07/2017….the painting looks a lot better than the photo..even a new iphone 6s cant give me pro chops….

contact me if you think you would like me to recreate this painting especially for you.