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I posted new art today..Jan 10 2023.

I wasn’t able to post anything for 2 months.

lemme tell you…godaddy is no help at all although I’ve been paying them for services every year..

thry wouldn’t help a poor old woman cross a street..


goddaddy sucks.!!,,,

not even sure how I got my stuff to work…here’s hoping…,!…wish me luck.

I’ve got a lot of new paintings about New Orleans..and should have more soon hopefully..


movies you must watch….really I don’t care if you watch or not..but I enjoyed them many times..

The Devil All all the time

Pale Blue Eye

tall dark stranger…new woody Allen,

Lucky…. The one with Harry dean stanton.

Pretend it’s a city

White noise

nice guys

The power of the dog…..its not a gay movie and I’m not gay but it’s good.

Some are Netflix some Amazon…I only watch free ones on Amazon..



these were some of my Christmas paintings…. They’re all gone now.