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just walkin in the rain .. Prisonaires … played by lamar sorrento

who doesn’t love this song..?..recorded by real about 1952 or so…..on Sun Records
be sure and listen to the original, its fabulous.
i could spend my time playing this stuff all night….and often do…
to hell with nightclub…have you been in a nightclub, lately.?.you know what a nightclub is now.?…it’s a Phone Store that sells beer.!!
i wish there was a place i could sit and play this kind of stuff at low volume and people would slow dance or listen and then buy me drinks and then one of them would drive me home.

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lamar sorrento improvises on Chuck Berry

this is me in the living room….this is pretty old..10 years maybe….i got that hat at a truck stop in West Memphis for 12 dollars…i love truck stops…i doubt you want to watch all of this.. i love old Fender guitars, if you have one like this one in a closet or under a bed, i would like to get it from you….for money or you could just give it to me. that would be nice

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sugar mama .. lamar sorrento plays blues y’all

everybody down here is a blues man…..they all congregate in empty clubs and play the same songs over and over and pat each other on the back and go ‘you’re great……no…you’re great’……i can’t get into that scene…i can not hob knob….this is my guitar, it has like 3 strings….i think its a good blues guitar….to me , this is blues..your opinion may differ..this song is short but i could do this all day long , if requested…would i rather paint or play guitar…?….you decide..

but i can assure you, i do not have no sugar mama now..

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lord god…i am in the Washington Post newspaper..i dont know how to make this link click-on so you have to copy it

but if you run adblock you can forget it……
or you must subscribe to the Post….but just take my word, i got a good mention and a link to my website…

i know getting in the Washington post isn’t as cool as getting in the much vaunted wonder-rag The Memphis Flyer, for heavens sake, now is it…?..

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are you hot…?

its summer….its june… think that’s the the south ,where i live, it is still like its the Civil War except we have cars now..
its only 3 weeks till the 4th of July and is not even hot in
Memphis yet…i am not complaining.