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did you ever

wonder if the Beatles would have been as popular if one of them wore an eye patch…?

these things often briefly consume my tiny mind…


or perhaps Nancy Sinatra…?,,,more sexy…?..yes or no…?




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this is

this is me….trying not to forget to do your painting before christmas…..   

this is you when it finally arrives in time for the yearly gift giving fiasco……

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if i knew

if i knew that anybody at all  was reading these posts then i guess i would try harder. its kind of like putting a message in a bottle and chunking it in the ocean.,

the best you can hope for is that the bottle hits someone in the head and then  they sue you and then your name gets famous and people want to know you.

let’s talk about thanksgiving…!!..who’s traveling..?…not me….couldnt make me..!


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oh no Christmas is near

this sign commemorates an old  particular Christmas Party that went awry but i think i can apply to many such holiday get togethers of today….

and also…..another  good reason not to buy a real Christmas tree….recipe for an even sadder Christmas…..Aluminum is so much nicer…and more modern..

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persian rug sales techniques

remember the rug stores that opened one day and were already posting ‘going out of business sale’ signs..?..i decided to join in the excitement…sometimes they really did go out of business, about 20 years later..

poke around and see if anything looks worth buying…you , the customer, are my king…or queen.