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Thanksgiving and the Bible

Neither cats or turkeys are mentioned in the Bible.

what does that tell you..?


are you stuck in an airport this holiday weekend ..?…using their Wi-Fi…?

some Chinese hack is up above you somewhere in the terminal and he is downloading every thing about your computer..about you…about your email ‘friends, about your Facebook ‘messages’ , happy holidays..

if you have to sleep on the floor in the airport.., wrap your hair tightly in newspaper before you lay down , will protect you from bugs and no one will mess with you.










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Where’s the art , Lamar…?

Shipping increases are killing me  ,  not to mention demoralizing me. If I raise prices people won’t buy…I’ve seen that in many cases already….., people think of me as The Dollar Tree artist. And nothing more. maybe I suck and i always  will….Of course , at their job ,they want a good size raise every year at least, but me….I have to keep my prices the same for 25 years..merry Christmas I think I will just quit..

i already had to close my retail shop at the Yellowstone  National Park Mini-Mall and Burn Center. The poor store manager, a lovely Native American lady named Face Like Pony was greatly saddened.

in September I closed my Sorrento Gift Shop at  the southern Arkansas Tri-Cities Regional Airport and Skeet Shooting Range. Sadly, my business never got off the ground.




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Christmas and other news

i have posted a lot of new things but I am having trouble putting them in order so poke around ,if it says ‘add to cart’ then it’s for sale…if it says ‘sold’ then it’s not for sale.

im not taking any more Christmas orders… I’m out of gas.

People are killing each other over chicken sandwiches.

I guess the end really is near..