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Football is here…

Packers suck ….they suck bad..
Dallas sucks..
their quarter back is from  Mississippi state which is bad enough but now he is injured …. Dallas will end up 5 and 8 ….or however many games there are a season…and that’s optimistic..

I ran over the extension cord with my electric mower today… my hair fell out on one side and I am now bow legged…I’m telling you !




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August 2022 update

Self portrait…

Well , summer is moving on down the line like a slow freight train to Virginia.
I no have painted since mid June … nothing … I have painted nothing … it feels good…real good… I am playing guitar a whole lot..
I have painted almost everyday for 30 years…
I need off the train for a while..
Big news is I may be getting my own studio instead of having to paint in the yard ..
That will increase production for sure..
I know I dropped the ball on a lot of people’s orders… I’m sorry.. I’m 73 soon …. Wait till you’re that old.. you’ll wonder how I can even paint at all…if I had a one wish ,  I would fish a lot… there’s no fishin holes within Minuteman missles range from here … arkabutla lake is
Close but it is so polluted that you
Might as well eat roadkill..
The Mississippi River is a
Cesspool ..
The whole world is In a tangle..
Carry on !