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Facebook is Munchausen

I quit Facebook a couple of years ago..Many of you think I’m dead..or invisible.

I live like it’s 1970 except they have Amazon..!

get a hobby.

no one calls me to see how I am or emails me..nothing…

the song The World is a Ghetto…. War was correct ..!

my favorite album right now is the  Young  Rascals first album…. I have it on 8 track tape… sounds great !

These are probably last of the roses for this year…or soon…the red ones are ‘knock-out ‘ they keep on putting out like a whore on truck driver speed and the white one are called ‘popcorn’ or something like that..














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I got lots

Of nice new blues guy paintings for sale at my house…framed and all…16 x 20 and 18 x 24…some have frames I’ve painted up too…quite delightful..!

im not gonna ship them but you can come by and buy one or two..

Today Howie Mandel and Joe Rogan stopped by to talk and buy a few paintings ..honestly, I couldn’t tell them apart..but they both sport hefty bankrolls.