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Worst movie ever made—- happy holiday..!

Wonder Woman 1984…

I was surfing looking for a tv station that had Family Guy on, the best show ever made, by the way…

I gave up and looked thru the free HBO movies…I caught at least half maybe more  of this debacle.

all the cry baby industry leeches in Hollywood could have taken the millions of dollars they wasted on this pile of dog doo and gone out giving food and clothing and cars and guns to all the poor homeless people in Southern California.

this movie is so bad that it defies description.

many of the actors will never work again.

Chris Pine was sighted recently doing dinner theatre in Jupiter Florida under the name Lance Bicycle.

Kristen Wiig who has been trying to break out of the drunken comedy movies ,that she is good at, and has tried her hand at some serious Hollywood real acting roles, she is finished. She will be lucky to get gigs doing 5 minute stand up comedy routines at Southern California car  washes.

The main  villain guy,  whose name I know not, was so terrible that he was later arrested in Las Vegas for trying to pawn his testicles in downtown Vegas. AppArently he had no takers.

I’m really old  now and past my sexual peak, so looking at Wonder Woman in her cantilevered top  boob covering doesn’t really help me to like this dog of a movie. Frankly sheLooks  better in the rain coat that she wears sometimes…she makes some silent movie type stares of sorrow that are like Acting 101. I’d like to take her to a park and sing hillbilly songs to her.


Whoever wrote the dialogue and the plot for this movie needs their high school diploma revoked

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It’s party time , you alls..!


The Two Timers ..we are a small Memphis combo that plays everything.
Blues ..bob dylan….Beatles..rock n name it……in Memphis Area..

we have a small footprint and big sound..

footprint meaning..we could set up on a small rug..

we play real good but not loud..just loud enough to be terrific….

we will play small parties….small clubs….whatever…we don’t charge much of nothing.but We could certainly enjoy money…I bring a tip bucket .

we play 2 sets…if you don’t like us after 2 sets then 2 more wouldn’t help..

sometimes I bring a painting for party favors..

this draconian nightclub heritage of making a band play for 4 hours….that is bull hockey..

Hueys hear me……love you….but  your 4 hour slave romp is too long..

You hamburger swilling  tyrants..

we play afternoons and early evenings…no night time stuff.

we are not interested in getting shot.

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