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Tojo Yamamoto …..great Memphis area Wrestler. He had the judo chop and he also had the hat with the metal brim that could kill you if he sailed it at you , like in Goldfinger via Odd Job… come back Tojo, there are so many here in Memphis now that need a ‘judo chop ‘



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Word play

This is an ususual brand name but it’s real . GAY was an Atlanta company in the 50’s and 60’s that sold impulse items in drug stores, groceries ,  etc.  mainly in the south, on counter top cards, stuff like silver football keychains, combs, pens,  shoelaces and shown here , the ever popular 5 cent GAY pencil. It’s a big thick pencil. These cards were always displayed near the cash register.

If this was a Facebook I would already be condemned and threatened with death.

I also have a full Gay combs display card. Some of the GAY cards, if fully stocked, sell for a lot of money.



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Bologna sandwich

Long time ago I used to go in this old grocery

Easy Way and get the man at the meat counter to make me a

bologna sandwich. He wrapped it in white butcher paper and I got a coke and a bag of chips , all for

less than a dollar, then I went across the street to here

and ate on a bench. I don’t why you would care, it’s just a slow news day for me today…


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Columbus Day

how many of you did not know that it is Columbus Day..?….. went to the bank did ya, ? ,,, surprise , the post office is closed too although this is at least one day that I won’t receive mail that doesn’t belong to me.

This is a carving I did of Columbus . This celebrates his later life after being an explorer, when he opened a soup and sandwich bar in Verona Italy . Here he is shown serving a bowl of hot pasta soup. His place was called Pasta-Mucho-Mucho.