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I’m taking off

i don’t feel right…my brain is doing strange stuff…I’m quitting painting..I just don’t want the pressure to perform..

unless this is just…don’t order anything else..for a while..

but before I go too nutty….can anyone please get these retards off the tv who do the sign language , while displaying body spasms that resemble the effect of powerful electrical shocks..if you are deaf , you already have closed captioning.. or you wouldn’t be even watching tv for news..they have stuff you can read going across the bottom of the screen..,.!..just look at that stuff..and evacuate,..if you are blind, good luck evacuating..!

why do you need these contorted  weirdos .?..if you are blind and watching tv anyway, the sign language contortionist is not going to help you..

you can hear the newscaster..!….join I insensitive..?….send these people to a carnival side show..



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Hotel Elderly

ive checked in…..I’m not painting really..much of nothing..I had a burst of creativity last week, this

Week , I just don’t care anymore..

i have orders for sure…I will do them, provided I don’t get more elderly and have to check into

Hotel Seeing Eye Dog…

But on the plus side…I’ve been on a diet and working out and now

i have a set of wash cloth abs..