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Attention….important announcement..!!

If you have, in the last few weeks, contacted me about getting a painting from me..and you have not heard from me…Well, it is because…..I forgot….!

if you are still interested , please contact me again , or if you are disgusted with me, then just forget it and i’m Sorry. Really I am…

when my grandfather died I thought that he was an old man , well I am far past that age now. Music art and gambling keep me young. Driving is getting really difficult so gambling trips are few now.. care to take me sometime…?

Observation for the New Year or really any year.

If I am forced, through some kind of sartorial shortage , to have to wear a pair of ill-fitting pants , I can not rest my mind until I can get them off . It makes me feel like ocean crabs are hanging to my legs, it makes me edgy, miserable, unhappy, anxious, nervous, and however else you can  feel super uncomfortable and that all is just WRONG..!!   the pockets are too short , so you can barely get your hands in them and your butt feels like it has been bull whipped  with briny leather straps and your rear end moving bounces your wallet up and down and it tries to pop up out of the pocket like a prairie dog popping up and looking out for coyotes. and your thighs feel like fat sea otters  bound in duct tape, but finally you man up and you just take charge of your life !!!  and you  finally take them off and you throw them in the garbage and be done with them.!

You sorry-ass pants,  you had your chance.

Did you notice my Oxford comma in the previous  paragraph. ..using it made me very nervous , it’s like the Oxford comma is the ill fitting pair of pants of the punctuation world. You hope no one will notice it  but you will be nervous all day about it.







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Some people read my posts and…

think I am wacky..or serious or maybe crazy or very entertaining or a mild retard…or smarter than a firecracker…or just plain funny..

if you only knew..

did you get anything you wanted for Christmas. …?…. Man I found this new old stock double thermos set still in the wrapper from the 70s and it has a plastic sandwich container in the middle..the thermi are  both  real’s so damn cool but I was buying everybody else looked just like something Evel Knievel would have used.

on a serious note, since I am now forced to work on an IPad , I can no longer sort the paintings in any order, so some few that are still for sale may be 2 or 3 pages down the list…….progress….!

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Merry Christmas.. I hope you get something good.


What was I thinking..?

The other day I got all excited and painted a large painting of Badfinger. That rock band from around 1971 …. they were very popular. Baby blue, day after day, come and get it, etc etc. great band..great songs…

Then it dawned on me that , all that was 50 years ago and that is a long time. Most people who liked them  are dead or in a rest home,  a rest home where they just slobber a lot and complain about the food or lack of it.

I don’t know what I was thinking. I guess I was thinking that everything goes on forever. I guess it doesn’t. If you know of a good rest home , I am interested , but I hear that they cost a million dollars to stay in. I’m a little short..

I am  going to start smoking again..

i have heard all  this talk of free college and free medical care but what about free rest home care.? That sounds delightful. I bet it will be really well run by the government.

You will get beaten daily by ex-cons who work there and to eat , you get one baloney sandwich every 3 days. And that’s all. Oh yea, and you stay outdoors in a tent chained to a stump and you have to poop in a metal can and you have no tv or nothing, and small mean animals come up and try to bite you all the time , so your entire day is spent swinging a stick at them to run them off, and at night the cries of terror and the sounds of people screaming , lost in their lonely misery , these sounds are only drowned out by the voice on the giant loudspeakers telling everybody to shut up and go to sleep  or there won’t be any baloney sandwiches for anybody this week.





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Christmas in Peru


see these people fist fighting…women….!,

in Peru, everybody gathers on Christmas morning and they form a big circle

and then people pair off in the center and start fist fighting…!’s a big tradition..

i’m not making  this up…, women…kids…!

this may be the greatest idea ever,….just imagine..!…got a score to settle..?

suddenly,  your irritating  neighbor is fair game…!

the rules are…

  • No biting or kicking a grounded opponent.
  • There is always a referee figure equipped with a whip to keep things on the up and up, but hey, it’s a colorful whip, so if you’re on the receiving end of some lashings, at least your eyes will be treated to some color.
  • Local police are on standby in case things get out of hand.