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Enjoying the fall heat wave…?


what moves on 4 legs in the morning, 2 legs in the day and 3 legs in the evening…?


Man….He crawls on all fours as a new baby, walks in his prime on 2 legs  and walks with a cane during the evening of  his life..

i am now in the 3 legged part.


this is Jerry Garcia watching a baseball game with me..





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Father Time kicked my ass

 I turned 70 , 3 weeks ago , I know i know…..almost immediately I slowed down 70 percent probably. I painted 3 things ,they were good ones, but in  this past week or two normally I would have done 10 maybe….I’ve painted one thing this whole week.

A voice in my head tells me , ‘why do you need to make money, stupid..?,,,you’ll be dead in no time, slow down , be a sloth,,,buy that Rickenbacker you’ve wanted…”

i laugh at tv shows that aren’t even funny … ones that I used to not like…

i like movies about the Kennedy assasination and 9/11….  I like a conspiracy…

I know people wonder what the status is of their order that they placed with me, and I really appreciate each one, but I can not tell you the status of it,.. just can’t….I am playing guitar a lot and watching baseball. I am forgetful as hell now.

on a typical day I walk into the bathroom and see both sink faucets running and I have no idea when or why I turned them on…

.if you ordered something from me, . you might oughta  drop me a reminder…several times..

here is my day…..if I have to go to the grocery store, which I really really  dread, then all night before that I am dreading  it , worrying if the Kroger stock boys had actually worked any that week, wondering how hot it will be, wondering if some hysterical old gal will back into me in the parking lot,  all next day ,after I get up , I am dreading it, it hangs over me all day like a creepy vulture  that resembles Ruth Bader Ginsberg  , then i actually go and I cuss all the parking lot drivers, get in the checkout line that doesn’t move, then get caught like a lame moose in a school zone, damn these abominations..!!,,but finally then I get home and have fisticuffs with asswipes who think they can block my driveway waiting to pick up their child from school, because THEIR  child  is the new Jesus , not just a random collection of DNA strands like everybody else and then one day they are ‘totally shocked’ that ‘new Jesus’  was busted for selling LSD and  Heroin ,,whew,,,,,,,and then I spend the day getting over the experience, wore slap dab out. Nap time….   Laugh at me  now….your time is coming..

I have a lot of new paintings that I haven’t posted photos of… can buy one , if you come by….I’ve got a good variety , many nicely framed..they’re good ones , some big , some medium …


on top of all my other daily dilemmas , these three mooks  run me ragged all day….

On the bright side……. the intense heat with no rain has killed most of the grass , I hate grass…….also due to the incessant hot sunshine , my Aloe  Vera plant is the size of an oak tree and could heal burns on everyone within a 500 mile radius of Memphis…



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Popeye’s is a media hoax

they opened a Popeyes down on Union Ave in Memphis near me. one day i was cruising by, and  i noticed there was no line so i shot up in there , ordered a chicken meal , 2 piece fried chicken, mashed potatoes and a roll/biscuit and went home, whistling a happy tune…

biscuit tasted like cardboard that was from WWII, the mashed potatoes had a strong metallic taste like aluminum, yum, … the chicken was over cooked…. am i going back to give them another chance,..?…. hell no.. look at this photo, the food even looks like hell…


and i am sick of hearing about whoevers hot chicken sandwich thing or  whatever being so great.., people will eat anything, vote for anybody and watch anything on TV  (the walking dead) …there is no accounting for taste or for anything on this dead or dying spinning orb that we live on..

Mr. Popeye, if you are out there and you read this, you SUCK..’

i think it is clear that the endless heat has driven me crazy.. it wasnt a far drive……..all i want for christmas is a block of ice…