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i am so excited about this tour. coming to  nashville in October…i am hoping they play here in Memphis, i cant quite deal with  the chore of driving to Nashville and back..!.. and finding a place to stay there and the parking, my god the parking..!!…and then attending the actual concert…..!. all that and  still be able to work in the 3 or 4 naps i take every day.,..naps help me to paint and play music better….naps and cokes and cookies..that’s all i need…ok,  a beer too..maybe two…..

have you driven in Nashville this decade..?..its like the old Dodgem Cars ride at the Memphis Fairgrounds. a thrill a minute slingshot speed race  or just sitting dead still for an hour or more  and wishing real hard that you had not eaten those 2 bran muffins and drank that big cup of hot coffee.

i remember how beautiful the Sweetheart  album sounded when i bought it, the week it came out. i mean , right away from looking at the song list, i could tell there was no Eight Miles High but thats ok, i had loved every song they ever recorded except for Mind Gardens and CTA-102 which were both on the same album. To me they were like Yellow Submarine,  novelty songs that ultimately  sunk an otherwise beautiful long-playing ship of songs. To skip a song on a record is a pain in the butt, you have to get up and walk over and move the turntable arm and then walk back and by the time you get all sat back down someone had eaten the last of the cookies…damn..

anyway, to repeat, the sheer sound of the Sweetheart album was just beautiful. i thought the best songs were the 2 Dylan songs and Pretty Boy Floyd. Lloyd Green was brilliant on steel guitar. i couldn’t quite figure  out McGuinn’s tongue-in-cheek take on The Christian Life but then the harmonies were so good, it didn’t matter.

i hope i get to go to the show, so much i hope so much,.,.and to be up close…up close , hear me up there…?..i can bring my Martin guitar if they need some more backup,  i don’t even need a mic or an amp and  I have a cowboy hat with a brim so stiff that you can bounce coffee beans off of it….. i am sure the line of Nashville pickers who want to get onstage will be as long as the Mississippi river, i hope it doesn’t turn into an Opryland type glad-handing back-slapping type  show and please no one can wear shorts !!..and afterwards backstage  there will be heard  loud half-sincere  choruses of “you’re great…no..!’re great”..”come out to the farm sometime soon  and check out my new airport and personal shopping mall.”…”love to…!”

. i was thinking of renting a wheelchair to take to the show , so i could roll down front.  i only have to get away with it for 2 hours, what are they gonna do to me after the show and i get up and walk out,..?..beat me up…?,,well at least i would already have a wheelchair, so its a win win idea, don’t you think… ‘Come on McGuinn, you’re doing it again, and we all want to be there’

Do they still have a Motel 6 on Broadway..?..they might but i bet its called Motel 600 now..this trip could set me back thousands.!!

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outdoor cafe

i ordered a sidewalk fried egg but i sent it back because it was too runny inside….i hate half-assed service,  so i went to the chik-fil-a and got a breakfast ‘chicken and biscuit’, it was worse than the sidewalk egg.,,…. great biscuit technology has been around for decades but now the chik-fil-a has sunk it to an all time low. chik-fil-a is the Titantic of biscuit making. i would swear they are made in china and shipped frozen by the ton,  on large container ships just to get your 3.99…….. it makes me feel good to know that all these drive-thru millennials will never taste  the glory of a great biscuit. 

nota bene: if you are looking for me on Facebook, dont bother….i am off it….i am done…..i was the only person on there that i found even mildly entertaining, and i’m not trying to be vain. Facebook is the bottom, the absolute bottom.

have you tried to read any ‘news’ articles from ‘newspapers’  online..?..its like trying to enjoy a sandwich in a room full of flies..

jesus christ…stop it with all the popups and scams and come-ons and join up come-ons….jesus …ad-blocker really makes them mad….wait till the last few daily hard copy newspapers close up shop….then Orwell cometh big-time..