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New stuff July 2022

I wrote a huge bunch of stuff here then lost it because of my giant thumb… call me Dinty Moore… I’m painting a lot but I’ve not posted anything … I know…. I have a lot of requests…. I can’t tAke any more right now ..

I watch Ozark a lot … I like the part where Agent Petty gets beat to death with  a tackle box while fishing ..

I read woody Allen’s new book Zero  Gravity…I really liked it…my favorite movies of his are Crimes and Misdemeanors and Broadway Danny Rose.

if I had to sit by anyone on a plane it would be Woody but I’m sure he wouldn’t talk to me but he talked to Alec Baldwin so there’s hope…Woody  probably doesn’t fly coach….Woodys small and he wouldn’t mash me or breath all over me ….and I could try out some of my jokes on him. Did you hear about the Jewish magician..?…he pulled a rabbi out of a hat…!..

this is some stuff I painted in the spring but they are gone..have a great 4th of July….!…

The woman above traded her shorts for a painting..!