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Panic in the year Zero..

do not panic….don’t hoard stuff… sensible…you won’t die but the media wants you to..

is it any wonder that Italy was the first country in this fake pandemic to run and panic…?

Name any war since 1599 and Italy is always the first country to surrender…

there are guys in big world health organizations who have been chomping at the bit for 40 years to

declare a pandemic, use the word…..It’s a big word and by God  we are going to use it,..!!









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Thought for tomorrows

China is in big trouble. Life here may go back to before everyone was pimping China. Party stores won’t be getting crazy party favors to sell. New computers not available. New phones..All new clothing gone.. Everything sourced to China could vanish.

at least we are not dependent on them for beer and cigarettes, in which case a lot of people won’t notice shortages although they may cost 500 dollars..

have a beer and be glad everyday that you don’t get shot at work. I mean really , most jobs suck the life out of you….and then getting shot on top of that..?..please Mr. Fate, get off my cloud..

young People often ask my advice on their future.. I tell them, if you want a good steady income , really good money,  3 words……Budget Funeral Homes.

check my Dollar Store Monday  sales each week. If these stop selling because of economy , that’s gonna be a drag.