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4 days..maybe more

4 days….i haven’t painted a thing in 4 may be more like 6 days. i just don’t care.

this could be how it ends for me.. i refuse to stand with a cardboard sign on a street corner…begging….. do not EVER give those guys a penny. !

i will probably just walk around aimlessly with a mournful countenance, dressed in rags and carrying a crooked stick for protection from dogs. i will not beg. people will see me and follow me and force me to take money from them. i will probably accept it.  what else can i paint…?..nothing….i see nothing….on the horizon, nothing, zip, nada. my brain is as blank as my future.

i feel like i am 149 years old…well i am about  half right…. only thru the mercy of a tall can of Modelo can i even barely levitate above the  door to hell. if they make me paint in hell, then i am double doomed. they probably will make me paint tourist paintings of Beale Street, the most fake-ass ‘bluesy’ street this side of Epcot Center. there are no rides on Beale Street , but you may have to run like a gazelle to avoid being killed by the local prayer boys.

there is no such thing as rap music. there is rap and there is music. nowhere do  those 2 roads  intersect. if you have children and you hear them rapping, you should slap them so hard that they lose hearing in one ear and are dizzy for a month.

there are guitars and there are cigar boxes. these two things can not be merged. ok..? is unholy and encourages wholesale mediocrity .

i am sorry , i digressed. i have not painted in 4 days, maybe 6. jimmy crack corn and i dont care. jimmy oh jimmy mack  when are you coming back…?

i dont look for you to feel sorry for me…. this is not facebook,  the place where digital beggars live by  the digital totem board keeping totals on  sympathy, empathy, ass kissing, wholesale agreement on their greatness, or extreme cuteness,  and  they find a place to display their complete misunderstanding of history and current events. i post pictures of my paintings on facebook because i want your money….do re mi mine. and i also want to enrich your life…it’s win win…  i don’t mind you posting photos of the  breakfast you are about to eat , if that is all the brain that god gave you,  then go with it,,

i think i would be good at comedy, except in a club  there would be people there… looking at you. stupid people ….. people who are making a video of you for facebook where they will show their friends what a rich and fulfilling life they lead. people who make gang symbols with their hands when they pose with their drunk friends for photos that they will post on facebook so others  will be jealous that their life is not that stupid… i seem to be  elitist..?..see…?…i probably am..which makes it even harder for me to get along in this world.

i have no tattoos. i dont know what fantasy foootball is.

i don’t enjoy gambling but i enjoy winning money..!!.. i won 200 dollars twice this week on Keno lottery, here in Tennessee. the place where Davey Crockett should have stayed.


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if i had a hammer

Pete Seeger wrote that famous song in 1949….about how if he JUST  had a hammer , he could hammer out justice…freedom…and love……hell, i heard that song when i was young….i knew we were poor but even WE  had a hammer… the hall closet…you can buy a hammer at any hardware store in america,,,,. jesus pete…!!, i reckon you didn’t really want a hammer, you just wanted to sing some about how great you could be, if only….!…you coulda come by our house and borrowed our hammer…….you was just talkin big….you wasn’t jack…i hammered stuff…..i didn’t fix any love or justice  that i know of. they sell them at all kinds of stores, pete…come on man.,.get real…

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happy non-religous holiday

i am out of orange juice and am so upset that i can barely think.

i now have to go beck to rite-aid to get a jug of it and must take the chance of getting in line behind “Ms. Senile of 2018′ ..

when that happens , i bring up one of the lawn chairs they sell and grab a magazine. right now i am enjoying how Princess Meghan is the anti-christ.

i am not posting anything new for a long time…i am contemplating just quitting this grind and just paint whatever i want and then throwing it in a pile and then having a labor day yard sale or something. people are bugging the living hell out of me about stuff. i feel like a ping pong ball in a clothes dryer….one that is turned on…not one that is just sitting there, to be clear.

but many of you know that i exaggerate wildly and often just plain lie.  as the old Roadhog said, ‘a man that don’t lie ain’t got nothing to say’.




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nurse to doctor…..

‘doctor Wilson, …i know you are very  busy.. but the Invisible Man just came in   and he says he is very sick..’

doctor to nurse….’tell him i can’t see him’…!!


where does a rabbit go to catch an airplane……..



where does a sheep go to get a hair cut..?

the baa-baa shop…


thank you