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New days new ways..

Well..last week i started posting new stuff for sale and available to ship..

it went over with amazing success..!!!!!!!

stay tuned…before this next week is over I plan on posting some new stuff, the likes of which you have not seen..from me…

7/23/2020….bulletin…although I   have good new stuff ready..I am gonna be several more days before I post them..

i just don’t feel like dealing with it….the grotesque heat, the economy, the germs , the general state of chaos, where’s all the quarters and dimes ..? The tedium of soup and sandwich everyday for months, the desire to smoke, the desire not to die, the feeling that it’s coming anyway….what’s the damn use..?

I’m just kidding…everybody is miserable…who am I to complain..?

on the QVC home shopping channel,  today , in July,  they were selling Christmas cookies and candy, now those are some optimistic psychopaths..


stay tuned if interested..