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stranger than truth … Tina Fey and Dear Abby

related…?..alien body double…?…..the source of her material. ?….you tell me………one bad hair style away from oblivion…?…    i just present these glimpses  for your consideration..

all Tina needs  is a set of ‘Paulie’  wings…


to achieve this….


at my age, i spend most of my time trying to not take yet another nap. sometimes i wake up in the middle of a nap and am so tired that i have to sit up and rest my head on my palm and rest some before laying back down and napping more…

i have terrible trouble writing  that someone is ‘telling a lie’ or ‘about to die’ . i use those terms instead of trying to remember how to spell it ‘lying’ or ‘lieing ‘or ‘dieing’ or ‘dying’ or what all.

if you  are telling me an untruth  while you are prone in the bed are you ‘lieing to me while lieing.’..?..or ‘lying while lieing’…what if you were coloring your hair while having a heart attack…..dying while dying…or dieing while dyeing…?…spell check doesn’t check syntax , it doesn’t care that your sentence makes so sense. maybe soon google will have a logic check. that would be confrontive. thats not even a word but it should be. confrontational. ok,

i heard that as of today, every google search that Liam Neeson enters , it goes to the absolute bottom of the search request pile,  which is taller than the empire state building  and it percolates up and down  there on the bottom of the list   like a turd that you left running in place  in the toilet bowl of  the house where  your  bridge club game is being held.

there also needs to be a dictionary for young people that has numbers in place of many adverbs and prepositions.

there needs to be a type face that has a period or comma the size of a Cheerio so you can tell without searching the hall closet for a damn magnifying glass or leaning forward so close to the screen to see  that you mash some crazy key with your ample bosom or the pack of Marlboro Lights  in your shirt pocket and   it makes everything that you just spent 45 minutes typing, …it makes it disappear and go away….


if you are looking for some  of my art to buy, i dont really have any….i have about 30 paintings in my room but i cant get it together to present them.  they are like a bunch of small dogs that you have and you know that if you left them out of the bedroom that you have managed to hide them in while you had company come over, you know they will immediately start humping everybody’s leg in a wild and chaotic canine sex fiesta..


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i see a new painting in your future..!

the swami sees all……well, the baby swami was correct,

i sold the dylan that i had just painted.,..,its disappeared. like magic…like, baby Swami magic…so i got no new ones now.

i am working on some new art  but it wont appear on here….i am waiting for baseball season to start so i can just watch baseball all day and i am hoping the Cardinals make some smart trades this year.,

\please Cardinals  don’t renew Wainwright, he’s done, get down there in the Caribbean and  find some guys who live on an atoll and they throw baseballs 4 miles to the next island…and please let Adams  go..he was good but now  good lord .he is  too old,.,,.and fat.,.get some 20 year old kid who is hungry…

the Astros spend less on salaries than the Cardinals and look at the great players they have….!!..get it together Mr. Busch..