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  • Music, oh, how faint, how weak, Language fades before thy spell!

Said,   Sir Thomas More

Which goes to show you that even hundreds of years ago, he knew that talk radio and podcasts would suck and suck hard compared to even Louie Louie .

you know . You meet someone and a casual conversation ensues when suddenly,  they start to tell you about a podcast that you ,meaning me. Just HAve to listen to .!!…. the guy is so great , you will just love him …. !!!…you’ll thank me later….

well,no  I won’t love him and I won’t thank you , you pompous ass, I assure you that….I dont care if it’s Aristotle himself or an original astronaut or whoever speaking  ..I won’t love him because I won’t listen.. because As soon as you said ‘podcast’ a thick fog enveloped my brain and my eyes burned like fire and there was a loud metallic buzzing in my ears ….all my senses were working overtime to block your hideous voice from  my head and I won’t be thanking you dimwit ..leave me out of your internet cesspool . Call  a plumber because you are full of shit…I’d much rather just go out side and look at birds .





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I’ve taken the shot

I had my first vaccine this week..Marxh 10 2021…as a result I’m feeling strong and sleek.
Admire me, if you must.

i have discovered that…yes!!….I CAN now update my website but only if i use  an old IBM thinkpad running XP….can you believe that…?

what good is an Ipad after it makes you run the IOS update….not much apparently….Apples is a whore company and so are the rest…

rock on IBM