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i am conflicted

is my job over.?

it is so damn  hot…..i need to go to home depot…..really need to….what if i go and end up like this guy..?

maybe art is a dead end. i have painted enough ,  so many of you are sick of me , i am sure. well if you are, then why are you here reading this..?…..huh..?

i have been thinking on it and i think i could be a pool boy. i mean, you wear a bathing suit and you work in a pool, how hot can that get.? and the clothing is minimal , so the heat wont kill me, maybe.


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new stuff , got some…ho-hum….. happy vacations all

i have a lot of new paintings but i’m not posting them now, as i know most of you are in your vacation homes or fishing or boating or doing what-not  and you don’t have the  time for art shopping…..i’m keeping busy sharpening knives and stuff..

mean while, i have hired on with Bill Cox’s outfit, fixing lawnmowers and what-not…

but don’t worry bout me (as Marty Robbins sang) , i’m like a cat , i always land on my feet….


ho ho





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this is life

this is life….this is normal…so if you feel like this, don’t feel special..


this is Me in Memphis…in case you think you’ve got it bad where you live.

the only thing i could imagine thats worse would be to live in Florida..


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my world

panther lamps  i love them…


WORST  BEERS .. i have tasted,   a pictorial essay..



Bud Light..

I cant be your friend if you drink this shit.


if you have ever tasted warm automobile transmission fluid then you know how this will taste…The Irish Shame.


pabst is so bad , they had to use this hot babe to get you to buy it..impressive taters but still, this beer is a total loser.

it gives me a headache in the front of my forehead almost instantly.


OK SWINGERS..!!…lime doesn’t improve a good beer. it ruins it. Corona is so bad  lime almost improves its horror. Mexican piss water.



Milwaukees Best is so terrible that they had to get this woman to strip nekkid to get your dick brain to consider buying it..see her staring at her breast in shame, thinking to herself, ”will this really get me into movies, like the guy told me..?’..maybe i need implants..” i will admit though, if you have limited funds and need a lot of beer to serve at a party for people with learning disabilities, get a 48 pack of Milwaukees Best Ice and get it ice cold in a big tub and it will work fine, and only set you back about 25 dollars..

Coors Light is so bad they had to use yet another 94 percent  nekkid woman to sell it .,…bear piss and snow dont mix….this stuff  is just awful…how come people buy it..?….why do i hate it,…? i an asshole..?..ok ok. if it was a bikini party and she wanted me to drink some, i bet i would. but how many bikini parties do i get invited to…?..none……the model could be from Mississippi State University.


i saved the worst for last. i see millennials buying this and acting all cool about it….this country has no future. in 30 years all antiques will be from IKEA or Wayfair. this beer defies description it is so awful, it only  can be swallowed without  gagging if it is near frozen. if u want beer with no calories, just drink water and get punched in the head. the sad part is, it costs the same as actual good beer…that’s what is hard to understand. this would be the beer served at an Elizabeth Warren fund raiser.

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sidelined by a malaise

indifference has driven me into a ditch..

an original poem by me….

the stripes on my shirt remind me of a circus

i once attended

the clowns looked  so sad  ,  that when they laughed

i was offended

the whole place smelled of grief  and


when the show was over

i had never been bluer

so i slowly  walked  home

to my run down shack

i couldn’t wait for the

clowns to come back.