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My right arm stopped hurting…Christmas miracle.

I’m working again ..I can paint..question is..will I…?

i’m working on a big painting  right now…will I post any new ones for sale.?

All signs point to ‘I don’t know’

This is from my right arm celebration.

Do you think I complain too much….?..I don’t..

the real professional complainers  are on Facebook..

dont be a hater fellows…!



prayer to St. Anthony , use it  when you lose something and really need to find it…but…don’t waste a prayer on your favorite lazy butt..

invoke this…

“Tony, Tony ….turn around..there is something lost that can’t be found. “

.is Neil Young..?.is Helen Reddy..? Grace Slick.?

it’s cold as freak outside..

i was gonna write a book this spring but then I remembered that people today can’t or won’t read.

maybe if I made it really bloody…and painted pictures in it….nah…

humor section…

what did the sea say to the sand….?

it didn’t say anything, it just waved.

where do sheep go to get their hair cut..?……..the baa baa shop…


Prince Harry will end up working as a greeter at Harrah’s Casino.

his wife will land a job on Oprah’s TV show staff as an advisor but will be fired within 3 months

for trying to take over the entire show.


“No one rises so high as he who knows not whither he is going”

Oliver Cromwell








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El Speedo

i musta been drinking just the right amount of coffee lately… I’m painting like wild…..faster than a germaphobe wiping his butt  and getting out of a bathroom stall in a Greyhound Bus Station…