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nurse to doctor…..

‘doctor Wilson, …i know you are very  busy.. but the Invisible Man just came in   and he says he is very sick..’

doctor to nurse….’tell him i can’t see him’…!!


where does a rabbit go to catch an airplane……..



where does a sheep go to get a hair cut..?

the baa-baa shop…


thank you


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well…i posted a lot of new paintings last week  but they  are about already gone..i sure appreciate it….i was down for january and february.  being old is bad enough without the flu helping out .

i guess i will have to get back to working more… once laziness sets in it is difficult to say goodbye to it.

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Damn the incessant rain

I am adding a good many new ones tonight 2/27/2018….

I will not be doing any shipping until Monday March 5…but you will still get them

In a timely manner…if I had a large Victorian house I would name it Timely Manor..

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rain rain…rain rain….the Beatle day sale has gone pretty well….i still have two left,,,i was trying  to recoup 140 dollars from a hideous ebay purchase that i ended up throwing in to the dumpster at the church across the street…thank you jesus for refund and the dumpster..

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everything i post for sale, right now….well..the description and price  text comes out in black and you

cant read it unless you are superman.

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oh the weather outside is frightful…

but the fire is so delightful

so i thought i would fill you in..

i caught  my pants leg on fire  again.