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I got lots

Of nice new blues guy paintings for sale at my house…framed and all…16 x 20 and 18 x 24…some have frames I’ve painted up too…quite delightful..!

im not gonna ship them but you can come by and buy one or two..

Today Howie Mandel and Joe Rogan stopped by to talk and buy a few paintings ..honestly, I couldn’t tell them apart..but they both sport hefty bankrolls.


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People are wondering

Where’s all the new paintings Lamar..?…huh..?

Well..I tell you….I’ve painted a lot of great new stuff,….but it’s mostly big stuff and pictures of 

buildings from all over….I love painting buildings…some of the  paintings are big…

and other stuff I have painted I have people waiting for….stores and eatin places etc…

I know I’m way behind on painting requests but I am trying…it just doesn’t look like I care, but I do.

call me at 1-800-HEC-ARES



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Monday Monday sale is postponed

Until further notice … I painted a good one of all the Seinfeld characters but I painted it on a slick bulletin board type thing and damned if  most of the paint didn’t fall off the next day … no traction …I’m just too busy painting other things… things that I really like… …not quick buck things …

If you want to watch a really good non-Hollywood type movie see Netflix .. The Devil All The helicopters nothing about computers no ‘strong female’ leads or complimentary minorities just for the sake of it ..kudos to Randall Poster !

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I can’t take requests..

Please no more requests….I’m trying to get the ones painted that are  already requested…maybe after Christmas…I can paint new requests for you…

ive got lots of new things , fun things , that I want to paint and I just can’t do both…yours and mine.

I thank you from the depths of my deep down heart for making requests but I am just one guy and I can’t keep up..

sept 8 2021