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I’m gonna try to post things that are  more positive and will somehow make everyone feel happy about their opinions and thoughts., ..and mine too….this should not be too difficult…

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I’m so so excited by the marriage of Blake Shelton and Gwen Stefan !,,I don’t know who they are

but he’s a big strapping guy ,a He-man so , they should be happy together for at

least 3 years , by which time Meghan Markle will be our new President. Shit is really looking up in America..

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I ranted

I raved about the weather and governments … I know I alarmed some , amused some , and many many don’t care and many many more don’t read anything on the internet that is more complex than the words to Surfin Bird..

why won’t anyone buy Jesco ?

does it suck that bad ?

or you don’t like Jesco..?

maybe he killed his wife over eggs ,

but lots of people still like O.J.





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No sweat—-happy 4th

Here in the Delta…on the 4th of July…it is 84 degrees..,!…balmy…!…butCNN is crying that global warming is melting the Nothern Hermisphere….well my genius CNN writer, if 84 is a melting temp, then melt on.

maybe some Uber-Liberal areas in America are having bad hot spells…well boohoo…sorry to ruin your weekend …the weather is a cruel doesn’t vote…or receive government benefits …or watch tv just is…maybe glaciers are melting…who can say why…

last year during the epidemic the global output of carbon dropped due to low industrial output and low automobile use  but the overall temps rose because there was less pollution in the atmosphere to block the suns rays… you gonna solve that..?…just buy some Bermuda shorts and plant trees around your house…all global warming is local….tear up abandoned areas of pavement and concrete…grow grass…trees…

Whatever policies that our government dreams up, the Chinese and India and Russia will ignore them. We’ve become the idiot step-child of the world.. enjoy yourself while you can.

I remember long ago going to see Eric  Clapton and Lynyrd Skynyrd on July 4 at the local football stadium…it was over 100 was super hot….brutal….I did not see any CNN crews there…crying…exclaiming ‘the world is ending’….but now they say it is ending.!..indeed…is it…?…by the way Skynyrd blew away drunk ass Eric Clapton,..


im no liberal I’m no right winger. I try to employ common sense…which will cause you to be hated for sure..

I have plans for tonight.  ABC tv is having a 2 hour special produced by Disney  on how great Communist China is..don’t miss it.. apparently we’ve been wrong for decades..,!?



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Get hooked…danger…!

Dang, whoever invented these has given straight hard working people like me the equivalent of crack cocaine. Beware..they are too good..!

don’t get the hard crunchy ones.